Tag: Guns

That one time…

One of the most memorable encounters with a pig has to be the one where I was not looking for pigs… Wondering around a nut orchard looking for monkeys and other small vermin, armed with a shotgun containing two #8 shotshells and a sidearm loaded in snake shot shells after encountering a few a Rinkhals […]

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The Challenge

Boar hunting is as much of an adventure as it is a challenge. Those who don’t hunt pigs, or don’t hunt at all fail to understand the attraction of that elusive bush pig! Many people have a look and say things like; “you forever building pig feeders.” “how much money do you spend on feeding […]

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Trail Camera’s

So you have purchased a trail camera… Awesome!   Now what?   How do you go about setting it up? Where do you place it? So to answer those simply, here goes…   Lets start with placement of the camera. Where? Anywhere really! What are you wanting to monitor? a trail, a water hole? a […]

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