IFAK Trauma Pouch


The last thing you want to do is have a rapid blood loss trauma injury and not be prepared.

The IFAK trauma pouch has everything needed to set you up for treating such an injury.

If you are out hunting dangerous game, or visiting shooting ranges then one of these is a must have!

Contents of the pouch available in main description.


Be prepared for the worst possible injury out in the field.

Whether it be an accidental impalement, gun shot wound or getting on the wrong side of that angry hog, make sure that you are adequately prepared.

The IFAK (individual first aid kit) is designed to provide you with everything needed to treat any rapid blood loss injury you might face. Remember the principle of the IFAK is to be an individual kit, and therefore has space to be further customised with anything that you as an individual feel that you would like in it for peace of mind should you get into difficulty.


The contents of the standard pack as supplied are:

  • 75mm conforming bandage x 2
  • 50mm conforming bandage x1
  • 50mm first aid trauma dressing with sterile pad x1
  • 6″ Israeli pressure dressing
  • Tourniquet (quick release type with windlass)
  • Roll of elastoplast tape
  • Pack of gauze swabs
  • Trauma sheers
  • 100mm X 100mm burn shield
  • Rescue Blanket
  • Large Nitrile gloves x3 pairs
  • All contained in a molle quick detach medical pouch (sand and black colour available)

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