Terms and Conditions

  • Product Warrantee Information
    • All Trail Camera’s and Trail Camera Solar Panel kits comes with a 1 year manufactures limited guarantee subject to the completion and return of the warrantee card inside the camera box.
    • Razorback safety cases have a 1 year manufacturers warrantee and a 6 months corrosion guarantee on the box.
    • LED Torches have a 6 month manufacturers warrantee
    • Gas Stoves have a 6 month manufacturers warrantee
  • All items purchased that wished to be returned for whatever reason exceeding a warrantee claim are returned at the expense of the purchaser. Any item returned that shows visible signs of use and/or damage that cannot be resold with not be accepted for a full refund.
  • All items wished to be returned, must be so indicated within 7 days of original purchase. The item will be refunded at the original purchase cost excluding the cost of shipping.