The Ultimate Hunting Hide

So many years ago I started off on this bush pig hunting story and started off with a pallet in a tree…


Unlike many bush pig hunters, I don’t have the luxury of a hunting concession close to where I live, getting permission from farmers and land owners is quite a tricky affair, and most of them are very hesitant.

I have a friend with a nut farm some 180km away from where I live, he doesn’t hunt or shoot for that matter and has no real means of controlling any of the pigs that damage his trees. So we got involved.

Initially we simply put out some bait and placed a pallet in a tree and would sit up there whenever we could get down to the farm.

It soon became evident that driving down on a Saturday afternoon and sitting in a tree on a pallet til early hours of Sunday morning and then driving back was both fruitless and tedious.


We set about building a hide to make life a bit more comfortable – enter hunting hide version 1.0!

The pic shows it before the roof was installed.

Not too long after we built this hide, which allowed us reasonable comfort during the nights out did we realise that it was definitely not going to be a long term solution. About a year later the trees had grown to the point where we could only down the rows and not across anymore, we had replaced the roof a good few times due to damage from branches falling out of the trees above, and we were spending more time out on foot than actually in the hide because the game was not really too active in that area.


We set about moving this hide and modifying it – enter hunting hide version 2.0 (hunting cabin version 1.0)

This hide was substantially upgraded to include a sleeping quarters, a small kitchen area, solar powered lighting and cell phone charger as well as an absolutely incredible view…


This in our opinion is the ultimate hunting hide… And we are always adding extra bits and pieces to improve the experience. For now we are completely self sufficient for how ever long we decide to stay, we simply arrive with a backpack and our rifles and live there for a while without interfering with anyone else on the farm…

Just recently we set about building a wood fired water heater and cabin heater – which still need to be installed. It gets fairly cold out there in winter and when you have been walking around all day and getting dirty, some hot water is appreciated just a little more than the view!

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