Pig Bait Recipe

A lot of people have their own trail mixes and bait concoctions. But here at the armory we came up with a bait mix that we seem to think work really well!

All hogs have a fantastic nose, and the sweeter the smell the faster they come to find it.

Below is the Wild Boar Armory’s very own hog bait mix:

  • 5 kg’s of corn (can be bought from your local agri store, or some Pick n Pays even stock 5 kg bags at a much higher price though)
  • 750 gram Sorghum home brew mix
  • 500 gram brown sugar
  • 2 litre pineapple drink mix

We like to use a 25 litre plastic drum with a screw on lid for mixing our bait in, this way when you take it out to your bait site you can seal it up nicely and keep that smell under wraps.


  • using warm tap water, put 5 litres into a separate bucket and add your sorghum home brew mix. stir it up well making sure that all the powder is dissolved into the water.
  • add the 2 litre pineapple drink mix to the sorghum mix already made up and stir in well.
  • place the corn into the plastic drum
  • mix the 500 gram brown sugar into the corn with a spade
  • pour the pineapple sorghum mix into the plastic drum ensuring that it covers the corn by 50mm or so.
  • stir up the contents of the drum with the spade
  • Leave the lid on loosely to prevent it from exploding and leave it outside to get some sunlight to ferment nicely.
  • Every second day or so stir the contents up with the spade.
  • Always make certain that there is at least 50mm of liquid above the top of the maize to prevent mold from growing.

After about a week of fermenting the mix is ready to put out at your bait station.

Happy hunting!!

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