That one time…

One of the most memorable encounters with a pig has to be the one where I was not looking for pigs…

Wondering around a nut orchard looking for monkeys and other small vermin, armed with a shotgun containing two #8 shotshells and a sidearm loaded in snake shot shells after encountering a few a Rinkhals in the past few trips out on foot.

A troop of monkeys was spotted in the lower side of the nut orchard and attempting to work with the element of surprise, using the nut trees as cover made perfect sense. So here I was walking along the rows, climbing underneath the trees and sliding down the furrows into the next row as I got closer and closer to the troop.

On about the third furrow, as I slid down and sat up to regain composure I came face to face with a warthog scoffing nuts!

Here I sat, a shotgun with rounds that are only going to make him mad, and a handgun with nothing better in it…

I sat there what felt like eternity as the pig snorted, looked me up and down and eventually ran off into the surrounding forest…!

From that day onward, I always have heavier rounds available at a moments notice!

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