Trail Camera’s

So you have purchased a trail camera… Awesome!


Now what?


How do you go about setting it up? Where do you place it?

So to answer those simply, here goes…


Lets start with placement of the camera. Where? Anywhere really!

What are you wanting to monitor? a trail, a water hole? a frequented bedding area? or a bait site?

If you want to monitor a trail, find a tree just off the path to place you camera on, make sure that it is free of surrounding bush and has good clear view of the trail you wish to monitor and capture.

If you want to monitor a “static”position like a bedding area, water hole, bait site etc, find something close by, again free of surrounding bush (this messes with the flash in the dark) and obviously with a clear view of the area you wish to capture.


Next, setting it up.


Mostly, the factory default settings in your camera are sufficient. The ISO, frame rate, trigger settings etc are all good.

The position is whats more important here. We have found that for pigs especially, 1 metre off the ground and 2 metres back is the perfect postion to capture the best pictures. For deer, you need to raise the camera up a little, 1.5 – 1.6 metres off ground and maybe 2.5 metres back from capture area as they are simply bigger animals.


You may want to adjust your trigger settings, so that the camera is not triggered by wind for example if set to sensitive trigger, but this is trial and error on your part mostly.


And that is simply what it is to run a trail camera successfully…

Enjoy the images! And do share!

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