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Feed sites

How to choose a feed site…   There are many ways to pick a site, none are right or wrong, just some work better than others. First thing to do is work out where there is activity, whether it be crop damage or trails in and out of thick bush.   The one thing that […]

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Pig Bait Recipe

A lot of people have their own trail mixes and bait concoctions. But here at the armory we came up with a bait mix that we seem to think work really well! All hogs have a fantastic nose, and the sweeter the smell the faster they come to find it. Below is the Wild Boar […]

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Trail Camera’s

So you have purchased a trail camera… Awesome!   Now what?   How do you go about setting it up? Where do you place it? So to answer those simply, here goes…   Lets start with placement of the camera. Where? Anywhere really! What are you wanting to monitor? a trail, a water hole? a […]

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